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Flying Kanvas is the studio of artist Deepali Sinha.  Deepali Sinha grew up in a small village called Durlangala of District Gurdaspur in Punjab.  Grew up in the midst of Basmati rice and sugarcane farms and very close to the river Beas, which flooded every year in the Monsoons.  She is currently based in Darjeeling, India.  Life has blessed her with a fair share of happiness and suffering, which is reflected in her paintings.  Apart from being an artist, she is a trained physician and an entrepreneur.  She lives with her family and pets, and works from her studio and home. 

Flying Kanvas showcases Deepali's original, unique, one-of-a-kind acrylic paintings.  She does not create multiple copies of her paintings so there is only one of each kind in the entire world! 

Painting for Deepali has never been about money.  It is a journey that takes her beyond the limits of words, beyond the boundaries of physical existence.  She takes a flight of freedom and redemption and invites you to join her.  She has a way of making everyday sights feel special and invoking your imagination, bringing freshness and hope to our mundane life.  For her, being dramatic and drastic is a norm!


This is no-guilt artwork.  Here, there are no rules and yet no sins!  For the thoughts that are forbidden and the words that evade us, the canvas comes to our rescue.  Beautiful dreams that perhaps won’t ever be real, find a way into our waking lives.  With Deepali’s paintings, we have brave bridges into the unseen that will comfort us on our journey.


Flying Kanvas is a place where imperfect becomes "I’m Perfect."  Here is an opportunity to own paintings which are deep in emotion and promise to enrich your life. 


You can relate to the paintings in your own way -- make them the highlight of your wall or an undemanding companion, a presence in your life that is always there to comfort you.


Dream like a child and get lost in a painting, to find yourself afresh every day.

"Imagination rules the world"

Napoleon Bonaparte



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